Who we are

Priority One Health Resouces

We are a business development firm dedicated to growing medical practices into profitable and sustainable businesses. Established in 1996, Priority One Health Resources has assisted multiple medical facilities, focusing on Workers' Compensation injuries, personal injuries, and private insurance to provide outstanding medical care to many patients. Priority One Health Resources markets medical facilities to attorneys and the community that aligns the injured persons' medical needs with the skills of the medical facility. Priority One Health Resources marketers maintain knowledge of current regulations impacting the Workers' Compensation and personal injury fields, allowing patients to be placed at proper facilities for prompt treatment (i.e. MPN requirements).

Priority One Health Resources can also help your facility with:

• Open enrollments for Health Care

• Increasing number of patients

• Customer Service Training

• Medical Facility Efficiency

Our Values


To help healthcare industries achieve their business goals through

collaboration, planning,

innovation, and communication. 


To provide the best possible team support to our clients by possessing the most advanced marketing techniques in the healthcare industry through research, new analytics and quality content systems.